Calleigh & Star


All Equine photos are taken with a Canon EOS-90D spec Camera.

Georgia & Lou Lou


What Happens After I Buy A Photo?

In 1-2 Business Days, a member of our team will send the purchased photos via the email you add when purchasing.

Imogen & Minty


What's Included In our PhotoShoots

30 High-Quality Edited PNG Photo Files

You will be sent 30 High-Quality Edited PNG Photo Files of the best quality photos, 1-3 Business Days after our Photoshoot. The Premium Package holds 50 High Quality Edited PNG Photo Files, instead of 30.

100 Un-Edited PNG Photo Files

You will also be sent a minimum of all 100 or more un-edited normal photos taken on the shoot.

A Full 60 Minute Session

A Full 60 Minute Session

Common Questions

What is a PNG?

A PNG is the name of the type of File that will be sent to you of the picture you purchase.

How Big are the photos?

On average, each of the high-quality edited photos are around the size of 20 - 50MB, and the un-edited around the size of 10 - 40MB.

That means, with the standard photoshoot package, you will need a free space of around 600MB - 1.5GB just for the edited versions excluding the un-edited, so make sure to free up some space!

To contact our team, fill in your details in the contact form below. Response time ranges from 1 - 3 Business Days

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